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    Out of many possible ways to grab a lead, we pulled clutter aside to put your efforts on converting lead to a prospective student.

  • Digital Ink


Out of many possible ways to grab a lead, we pulled clutter aside to put your efforts on converting lead to a prospective student.

  • Digital Ink

    Web Based Enquiries

    Digital Edu does most of the work for you to turn your web enquiries into prospective students, letting you to drive your forces on what matters.

  • Digital Ink


    Digital Edu made it hassle free for you to get the most out of a potential lead in little span of time, no more paper hustling.

  • Digital Ink

    Social Media

    We got your back for social media interactions, just make a conversation and see it pop up in your institution account as a potential lead.

Sales Productivity

No more brainstorming sessions, we have done it for you. Get an insight on all the statics so you can devote yourself on areas to improve.

Digital Ink
  • Digital Ink


    Check how many enquiries has been closed as prospective students, just with a click.

  • Digital Ink


    Browse and maintain all the applications received, follow-up on pending applications, close out one’s which are done dealing with.

  • Digital Ink


    Goodbye sticky notes and reminders, sneak peek on upcoming follow-ups to prepare yourselves for a challenging situation.

  • Digital Ink


    It’s a good idea to check which campaigns are driving most of the results and which aren’t. Digital Edu lists all stats for you to make decisions.

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