• Digital Edu - Communications

    Compose, Edit, and Send all with in Digital Edu, no other app is needed.

  • Digital Ink

Instant Messaging

Shoot out a word or message to parents, staff or community member within the application itself, no need to go out and scorch bucks for a messaging tool, we got your back for it.

Digital Ink

Virtual Notice Board

Say goodbye to age old practice of physically circulating notices and announcements, with a click your message will pop up in the virtual notice board.

Digital Ink


Send an SMS for emergency notifications, parenting meetings, pupil attendance etc. right within the Digital Edu itself.

Digital Ink

Digital Diary

Send daily updates to parents about their ward assignments, note and performance through digital diary.

Digital Ink

Parent & Teacher Interaction

Setup parent and teacher interaction within Digital Edu environment for a fruitful and meaningful conversations about student’s academic and co-curricular activities.

Digital Ink

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