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    Fleet Management and GPS based vehicle tracking solutions for vehicles from various verticals like Schools, Corporates, and Personal Vehicles.

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Fleet Management

Like any school management software, teachers can upload the marks or grades of all the children online into the software, but unlike any other school management software.

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    Vehicle Management

    Keep track of all your fleet, it could be number of buses, cars or anything.

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    Map Routes, Stops & Students

    Create, design and pan out the route maps, stops to be made and number of students to hop in each route.

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    Availing One Way Transport

    Track each student who is availing one way transportation, and never miss them out again.

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    Special Routes

    Keep an eye on students taking special routes for excursions, exams or for any other purpose.

Bus Tracking(GPS)

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Like any school management software, teachers can upload the marks or grades of all the children online into the software, but unlike any other school management software.

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    Insurance Policy Expiry

    Store all the insurance policies of your vehicles at one safe and secure place, alerting you to renew policies when it is due.

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    Driving License Renewals

    Just as insurance policies, store and save your driver’s licenses at one secure location.

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    Pollution check-up

    Never again be a pollution contributor or offender, we will remind you when it is due to be renewed.

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